from the CEO

We passionately aim to be an organization that continually creates new value and is needed by our society.

We were established in 2012 as an electrical facility engineering company and have been developing our technical capability since then. We launched a solar power generation business in 2014 and have learned that our economic development requires initiatives regarding the environment and energy issues. As a result, we then began to think about “what we can do” and to proactively work on environment and energy issues to contribute to our society. We have grown to be a company that focuses on “environmental energy and regional society.”

Now the world is going through a significant transition to a new age or the fourth industrial revolution with IoT technologies. Also, great emphasis has recently been given to environmental considerations on a global scale. In response to the coming new age, we will introduce more renewable energy with our proprietary core technology developed for IoT-linked power self-sufficiency coordination. This core technology enables us to form microgrids that do away with a large-scale power transmission network. Our goal is to stably supply power generated from clean energy at reasonable prices to areas lacking sufficient power or not electrified yet. We strongly believe such a power system will be infrastructure appreciated by companies and residents in many areas.

Our corporate philosophy, “Ikuto,” means “cultivating people” in Japanese. Keeping the importance of human resources in mind, we aim to be an organization that continually creates new value and is needed by our society, a company that is highly evaluated.
We appreciate your continuing support and advice.

CEO  Tatsunori Hirai