Management Strategy

We deem it essential for employees to be incorporated into an organization primarily based on environment/energy solutions to form a sustainably growing corporation. Within a system where employees can freely and actively work, their creativity and originality are stimulated, and their planning/proposal abilities are improved. Therefore, their capabilities and human skills are enhanced, and countless ideas as well as possibilities are generated from human exchange inside and outside the company. Those initiatives produce aspirations, which develop with support from our society to be a great ambition, whereby IKUTO becomes an organization needed by our society.
Ikuto has participated in the RE Action an initiative to announce the declaration of 100% renewable energy use and work together.
  • Corporate Philosophy
  • Entrepreneurship philosophy

    To continue to be a company that cultivates humans.

    Management philosophy

    To pursue a prosperous society, create value and grow with the company staff

    Management policy

    To give priority to the prosperity and happiness of all people and to aim to be an organization which contributes to society with dreams and aspirations