Privacy Policy

We, Ikuto Corporation, hereby stipulate our Personal Information Protection Policy as follows, whereby we structure our system for personal information protection and all employers are required to recognize the importance of personal information protection and enforced to comply with the policy, in an effort to promote the protection of personal information.

Handling of Personal Information

We keep our customers’ personal information accurate and up to date and take such measures as security system maintenance, management improvement, and employee education in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, and leaking of personal information, and in order to strictly protect personal information through the implemented safety measures.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

The personal information provided by our customers will be used to contact our customers, inform them of our business activities, send emails in reply to inquiries, or send requested documents by post.

Prohibition of Disclosure / Transfer of Personal Information to Third Parties

We handle personal information provided by our customers properly and will not disclose such information to a third party(s) except in the following cases: When the customer agrees, when the information needs to be disclosed to an outsourced enterprise which carries out the service requested by the customer, or when applicable laws require disclosure of the information.

Safety Measures for Personal Information

We implement all possible security measures to ensure the accuracy of personal information and the security thereof.

Personal Identification Check

When we receive a request from our customers for browsing, correcting, or deleting their personal information, we first perform a check of the identification of the person making the request.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations, Policy Revision

We comply with the relevant Japanese laws and regulations applicable to the personal information we handle and review or revise the contents of the policy according to these laws.


Contact us at the address/number below for any inquiry concerning our handling of personal information.
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