We investigate the current environmental issues arising in Japan and overseas, research possible technologies which can deal with them, and propose business schemes to solve them. The issues of waste plastic, garbage dumping, and CO2 emission reduction are common environmental challenges which the global community faces. We offer solutions by creating energy from the materials causing the above-mentioned environmental issues and promoting renewable energy generation. We also try to utilize such solutions for stimulating the local community, promoting employment, and improving hygienic conditions with the aim to develop electric power infrastructure which contributes to a better and happier lifestyle for people.
Because of social problems such as the aging population and the resulting labor shortages, freelance workers are increasing, and moonlighting bans are being lifted, leading to a totally different working environment in today’s world. We believe that the growth of an organization is through the growth of its members and learning from other forward-thinking companies we are making every effort to provide a workplace where our staff can feel free to be themselves and thrive.
We analyze and integrate internal tasks such as information gathering, trends studies, and sales strategies as part of our business as well.